Soundproof – ANU student composers concert

Tonight is the night of the ANU student composers concert. Our New Music Ensemble (plus guests) is going premiere works from 10 composers. They’ve been rehearsing and workshopping for weeks and by the end one of the composers created a Facebook group so they could coordinate additional rehearsals.

I’ll be sad to see some of them graduate, but I’m extremely optimistic for next year. The amount of progress, activity and creativity the students showed this year amazes me. It’s going to be a great night.

ANU School of Music Chamber Music Competition

The Experimental Music Studio’s student-led improvisation ensemble (the ANU Improvisation Ensemble) took home first place in the ANU School of Music Chamber Music Competition last week. (And an electric jazz trio comprised of first-years won the People’s Choice Award.)

It’s a great to see young, creative, motivated students doing interesting things well, and being recognised for it. They worked hard and listened to each other like crazy and deserve every cent of the prize money.