music for The Sixth Mass Extinction (2017)

I’m currently working on the music for a new multimedia collaboration with ANU Climate Change Institute’s, Ngaio Fitzpatrick, to be premiered at the Fitters Workshop on 27 January.
More info soon, but for now, here are some words from Ngaio:
The Sixth Mass Extinction
The project is a live multi-disciplinary performance encompassing video, architectural intervention, experimental / improvised music, industrial glass, and audience engagement. The intention is to communicate and question human disconnection from the natural environment and complicity in driving Climate Change through silent acceptance of the status quo.
The Performance will be delivered as a free public event in the evening (to enhance dramatic potential) in the Fitters Workshop on the Kingston Foreshore.
The audience will enter the Fitters workshop, a remnant industrial building eminently suitable for the themes underpinning this work and will be shown to their seats to the accompaniment of live experimental music, a harbinger of an unusual event about to unfold. The audience will be presented with a small gift and by accepting it, will become participants in the performance by implication. At the Foreshore end of the building, an installation consisting of 6 large sheets of curved glass ( redundant and destined for the tip ) are suspended from a scaffolding structure lit from below enhancing an other worldly appearance. The area will be filled with a soft fog produced by smoke machines representing the difficulty of seeing abstract issues surrounding climate change. The artist will provide a short reading explaining the meaning of the performance. The reading is followed by a brief period of silence and then musical accompaniment interacting with the installation, providing another sensory layer, generating a growing sense of anticipation and suspense .The panels of glass will then be released in delayed sonic sequence to fall to the ground, the fate of the last and remaining panel will lie in the hands of the spectators. The sheets of toughened glass will disintegrate into small pieces, approximately 10mm x 10mm as they fall.
A real time recording of events plays on a screen above the installation during the performance; we are being entertained as a catastrophe unfolds. The purpose of an audience (or spectators) is twofold; to witness the event and also to draw attention to the dilemma of stasis common to us all. We are ‘witnesses to our own destruction within an industrial-spectacle-death complex’ to quote media lecturer Ari Mattes.

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