Andromeda is Coming album

The new Andromeda is Coming album is now available for download via the Collected Resonances bandcamp.

Andromeda is Coming (Charles Martin and Alexander Hunter) are a Canberra-based duo utilising viola da gamba, percussion and live electronics.

This debut album collects a series of free-improvised sections across two field recordings, each capturing Canberra’s intersection of urban and bush environments. The improvisations explore paired sound worlds of unconventional instruments where close microphone recordings reveal sonic details and idiosyncrasies of a unique collection instruments.

This work was recorded in July 2015 in the studios of the Australian National University School of Music. It was mixed over multiple sessions throughout 2016 and 2017.

The album art depicts the interaction and decay of subatomic particles in CERN’s earliest liquid hydrogen bubble chamber in 1960.

Charles Martin (vibraphone, crotales, cymbals, bells, iPad, electronics)
Alexander Hunter (viola da gamba, piano, tam tam, banjo, accordion, broken zither)


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