house concert at the You Are Here Festival

Students and faculty from the ANU Experimental Music Studio are excited to be a part of the You Are Here Festival for the second time (15-16 April). This year we’re giving a house concert (details below), and participating in a Musicircus-style event in Verity Lane (more details soon).

“The ANU Experimental Music Studio want to play your living room. They will bring with them an arsenal of bows, sticks, mallets, e-bows, vibrators, contact microphones and other devises for making household objects (some ordinary, some extraordinary) move. Through excitation, amplification and observation the mundane becomes beautiful.”

‘apocalyptic and integrated’ at the Art, Not Apart Festival

I’m currently working on field recordings, videos and some live acoustic and electroacoustic material for an upcoming performance at the Art, Not Apart Festival.
The ANU Experimental Music Studio and Andromeda is Coming… will be invading the Kendall Lane Theatre in New Acton from 4-7pm on 19 March (free event).
“Swing through this 3-hour collaborative multimedia work involving ANU staff and students. Taking as a starting point the writings of semiotician Umberto Eco, ‘apocalyptic and integrated‘ focuses on the issues involved in the artist’s engagement with mass media and mass culture.
Over the course of the performance events will overlap and fade in and out of each other, engaging with concepts of space, time and memory. Each event will utilise a different instrumentation and performance practice, resulting in a subtly shifting aesthetic environment. There’s some seriously talented musicians in this group. And it’ll look and sound pretty great in our little theatre.”

Collected Resonances

A concert series we started last year is back, and has a new home in the Ainslie Arts Centre. Collected Resonances is now curated by two ANU School of Music students doing an internship as part of the Student Outreach and Engagement Project.

Each evening consists of four 20-minute sets featuring different groups of sonic and visual artists from Canberra and further afield, with a focus on creating a performance space encouraging innovative cross-media collaborations.

TONIGHT – 8pm – $5 on the door
SET 1: Cerebrum featuring the ANU Experimental Music Studio
SET 2: benjamindrury and Beast
SET 3: Millz and Ell
SET 4: Martyn Jolly and Andromeda is Coming…

Horror Show with a Magic Lantern: Martyn Jolly with Andromeda is Coming…

Charles Martin and I have a couple of performances next week with Martyn Jolly (ANU’s Head of Photography and Media Arts and Digital Arts coordinator).

24th – Ainslie Arts Centre (8pm) – $5 on the door

26th – National Portrait Gallery (6pm and 7pm) – FREE ENTRY