Premiere of new film

Last week Charles Martin and myself premiered the live version of the soundtrack to a new film from Canberra-based artist, Elyse Howe: Avoidance Behaviour.

From the artist:

Transplanted here from cities immeasurably greater in expanse and urbanity, circumstance has exiled me in isolation. Regression and stagnation feel inevitable, endeavour replaced with idleness, replicated daily. I patrol the small spaces I now inhabit, documenting my lonely gaze. Circumventing invading thoughts of self-loathing and failure by narrowly scrutinising the ordinary. Cyclical and lethargic; my avoidance behaviour.

From the musicians:

As the film deals with vistas under close scrutiny moving in and out of focus, so too does this collection of pre-recorded and live sounds focus on the small and subtle. Canberra presents situations where one’s attention is necessarily drawn to, and focused on, things which in a larger city might go under-noticed. The sounds used in this performance are a mixture of live and pre-recorded string and percussion, as well as field recordings from urban, suburban and natural environments in Canberra.

9 Australian premieres tomorrow night

And the world premiere of ‘Some Words and Music’ (2014) featuring guests Professor Mick Dodson AM, Charles Martin and Belinda Whyte.

Faculty & Friends - Alec Hunter copy

The concert programme is:

  • Some Words and Music (2014) for large ensemble
  • For Two Vibraphones, Piano, Violin and Double bass (2009)
  • For Eric and Sue Ellen (2008) for violin and piano
  • Bass recorder, Violin and Percussion (2008)
  • 1995 (2004) for double bass and vibraphone
  • Lise Meitner (2014) for oboe, electric guitar and sustaining keyboard instrument
  • For Mabel (2008) for solo piano
  • Oboe, Guitar and Violin (2008)
  • For a Number of Musicians (2010)

The ANU New Music Ensemble are:

  • Philippa Clark – oboe and recorder
  • Benjamin Drury – double bass
  • Ellen Falconer – piano
  • Hayden Fritzlaff – piano and percussion
  • Chloë Hobbs (Assistant Director) – toy piano and percussion
  • Brendan Keller-Tuberg – double bass
  • Gen Kinoshita – oboe
  • Jack Livingston – guitar
  • Malcolm Newland – percussion
  • Helena Popović – violin
  • Lewis Rosenberg – piano and theremin
  • Ryan Sandison – saxophone

With special guests:

  • Professor Mick Dodson AM
  • Charles Martin
  • Belinda Whyte

National Contemporary Landscapes radio interview

Last year myself and fellow ACT-based composers Calvin Bowman, Michael Sollis and Sally Greenaway took part in a nation-wide collaborative radio series, National Contemporary Landscapes.

Here is a link to a recording of the ACT episode of the series:

And here are links to the other composers: